Daily Playtimes

Your loved ones will have a great time whlie they are here! They will be getting lots of exercise and positive attention to drain their stress; especially on the first day.  The noise and confinement in a large kennel environment is is even more stressful to a dog than the separation from their families.  A posh looking kennel in a sterile building full of barking dogs is not a dogs idea of a great time. Running, sniffing, playing outside is what all dogs want and need!   
 I have a maximum of 5 dogs at a time and they are kept beside my living area so i will hear everything day and night.  I have 2 small kids who also hear everything from the dogs so i need to ensure a calm, relaxing environment for the dogs and my family. A tired dog is a quiet dog! so we give them 4 runs each day on our 3 fenced acres.  They have the opportunity for socializing with the other dogs or they can have their time privately if you wish. All outside time/socializing time will be supervised.

Accepting dogs from Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, Leduc and surrounding areas! 
All our guests truly enjoy their stay and are more than happy to come back!